Pool Service Toronto, Toronto Pool Service

Openings & Closings

  • Fill/drain water to appropriate levels.
  • Filtration system startup/shutdown, including pump, motor, filter and skimmer.
  • Chemically treat water with chlorine/shock and algae inhibitors (chemicals extra).
  • Startup/shutdown waterline, underground lines, and adding antifreeze (closing only).
  • Place/remove deck accessories (ladder and step installations and removals extra).
  • Pool deck and general pool area cleaning.
  • Winter cover removal/installation.
  • Thorough leak detection.
  • Lawn sprinkler and irrigation system maintenance as well.
  • Contact us about partial openings and closings!
Pool Service Toronto, Toronto Pool Service


  • Total Maintenance Package.
  • Water chemistry testing and balance.
  • Weekly pool surface skimming.
  • Pool and spa vacuum, followed by backwashing.
  • Scum line removal.
  • Pump, filter, and heater inspection.
  • Inspection and cleaning of salt cell(s), if applicable.
  • Chemical delivery and invoicing (chemical costs are extra).
  • Leak detection services.
Pool Service Toronto, Toronto Pool Service

Parts & Chemicals

  • Chlorine.
  • Chemical kits.
  • Algae control.
  • Shocks.
  • Balancers.
  • Cleaners & Clarifiers.
  • Stain & Scale Control.
  • Speciality Chemicals.