Pool Refurbishment & Reconditioning

Revive the look & longevity of your pool with our services

Does your pool look like it’s seen better days? It’s likely due for a refresh! At Ontario Pool Services, we employ several different methods for refurbishing and reconditioning pools to take their look and function to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to update and repair your current pool or purchase and install a new one, our team of mission-minded professionals is here to assist you.

Liner Repairs & Patching

The pool liner is an essential part of your pool. Not only does it enhance the appearance and aesthetic of your chosen design, but it also ensures that your water remains clear and free of contaminants.

If your pool liner is damaged, this can cause structural issues for your pool, such as the presence of fissures or cracks.

This damage is often caused by sharp objects near the liner, winter damage and/or extreme temperature changes, improper installation, chemical balance of your pool water, and/or sun exposure or bleaching.

If your pool liner needs to be repaired, patched, or replaced, our team of professionals can complete this job for you and return your pool to its former glory!

Liner Fabrication & Vinyl Welding

We offer a variety of pool liners for custom builds or as liner replacements. You can choose from a selection of vibrant colours and patterns and pick one that best suits your personal taste.

Once you select and order a liner from us, we’ll also complete the installation to ensure it’s properly secured into place.

We’ll use a vinyl-specific welder to complete the installation, which will provide a strong bond ideal for an outdoor swimming pool.

Concrete Repairs

Let the team at Ontario Pool Services inspect and come up with the correct plan of action to repair your concrete pool.

Many factors affect concrete, such as weather and water chemistry. Even the initial installation of concrete can have long-lasting effects on the lifespan of your concrete.

If you have cracks, chipping, or other issues with your swimming pool’s concrete, send pictures and your contact info to our team, and we will handle the rest!

Pool Deck Repair & Reconstruction

Over time, weather and many other factors can affect your swimming pool's decking. Let the team at Ontario Pool Services examine the issue and come up with appropriate solutions to all your pool decking needs.

Send over pictures of the current state of your decking, and we’ll schedule a repair!

Pool Epoxying & Waterproofing

Epoxy Pool Paint is a two-part solution that we mix and apply to the surface of the pool. Epoxy offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It is extremely durable in fresh water and salt water and is resistant to common pool chemicals, such as chlorine.

Taking care of what takes care of your family's fun time is most important to us here at Ontario Pool Services, if your pool needs to be Epoxied don't wait, let our team help protect your pool and keep the pool fun happening.

Swimming Pool Painting

Adding value and colour to your pool has never been so easy! With all the beautiful colour options to choose from, the only thing you need is more sunshine to enjoy your pool's new vibrant paint.

Painting your pool helps to protect the concrete surface from salt and chlorine. If your pool is flaking or simply in need of a fresh coat, let the team at Ontario Pool Services help you choose the best path forward with your pool refurbishments and all your painting needs.

Acid Washing for Concrete Pools

Due to a variety of factors, your pool can acquire stains that are unwanted visual menaces. The rough abrasive nature of concrete pools can allow for small particles to stick better. A simple power wash normally can't remove these stubborn particulates.

Rather, the most common fix for stains or stubborn algae in a concrete pool is to perform an acid wash, which our team is happy to provide!

Complete Pool Cleanout

You could spend days or weeks trying to clean your pool when it probably needs a full refresh. Emptying, cleaning, and refilling is the name of the game.

Let our team take on the hard task of cleaning your pool, emptying it, and power washing it until it sparkles!

Pool Equipment Installation & Repairs

Let our experienced team install your equipment and order the correct replacement parts. Swimming is about having fun, so when things break, let us help you solve the problem and maintain the enjoyment of having a pool.

Whether it's a simple pipe repair, pump replacement, or a whole new equipment pad installation, the team is fully prepared to remedy the situation with years of experience.

Vinyl Over Steps

With the advent of modern technological advancements in swimming pool manufacturing, the ability to add beautiful walk-in steps has become a popular must-have for residential pools.

Vinyl-covered steel steps are generally installed when pool liners are being replaced, and there are many ways to customize them. You can add steps the full width of your pool, or a corner entrance, or even include a centred wedding cake-style entrance!

In the past, thermoplastic steps were used, but have become more obsolete as vinyl over steel feels better on the feet and looks cleaner. Any liner pool has the ability to be elegant and modern!

Elevate your pool experience.

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