Leak Detection

Use our leak detection services and save on your water bill

If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bill recently, and you’ve been using the same amount of water as usual, there’s a chance your pool might have a leak. If so, our team at Ontario Pool Services can help locate this leak, repair it, and have you back to swimming in no time!

We offer our leak detection services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether your pool is for your own personal use or the enjoyment of others, we’re happy to help you keep it in ship-shape.

Leak Pinpointing & Locating Systems

Most pool leaks are like needles in a haystack - small and difficult to locate with the naked eye. However, thanks to the innovations of modern technology, we can use hydrosonics and geosonics to locate leaks with more accuracy and at a faster rate than searching manually.

Our experienced team will use these state-of-the-art tools to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, and once it’s located, we’ll happily repair it for you!

There are a few indicators that your pool may have a leak, such as the following:

  • You notice cracks on the side of a water feature
  • Your pool is losing more water than evaporation causes
  • Your water feature is old or outdated
  • You’re adding more water to your pool per week than usual

If you notice any of the above indicators, you likely have a leak in your pool. If you leave it untreated for too long, you may end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water bills. So don’t wait - if you suspect a leak, give us a call and take advantage of our premium detecting systems!

Scuba & Underwater Camera

Rather than go through the process of draining and refilling your pool to fix a leak, which can be quite expensive, our team is equipped with underwater cameras and scuba gear to fix your pool leak immediately after detection.

Our certified divers will investigate the readings on the scanner and go underwater to make the necessary repairs.

Further, our divers will assess the current longevity of your other pool fixtures to see if anything else needs to be fixed or replaced, and they will do a full analysis of the overall state of your pool liner.

Drain Plugging & Dye Testing

Leaks aren’t the only culprits that can drain the water from your pool - your pool drain itself may be the reason for your rapid water loss.

Over time, drain plugs, gaskets, caps, and light fixtures can begin to erode, crack, dry out, or rust, which can negate the function of the drain and cause the water to slowly leak out.

This is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and chemicals used to treat pools, and can be very problematic if left unrepaired.

At Ontario Pool Services, we solve this issue by utilizing a method called dye testing, a process that helps us to identify where the leak in your pool is coming from.

We’ll apply the dye to the area where we suspect the leak is located. If the dye gets sucked into the fissure, this means we’ve found the leak!

Afterward, we use Epoxy to create a water-tight sealant, which will plug your drain and prevent any more water from escaping your pool.

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