Prices & Plans

Opening & Closing Packages

If you’d like to enlist our Swimming pool opening or closing services, we provide three different packages for pool maintenance in Toronto so you can choose one that meets your specific needs. We offer the following packages:

Silver Basic

Above Ground Pool Opening (& Plunge pools smaller than 12x24)
This package includes netting/skimming of the surface and removing debris, equipment inspection, chemical balance check, general cleaning of pool and deck area, and the emptying of pump baskets and skimmer.

Gold Standard

Pool Opening - Closing
This package features all of the services in the Basic package and also includes cleaning and backwashing filters, pool vacuuming, and a chemical balancing check.

Platinum Elite

Pool Opening - Closing Deck
This package features all of the services in the Standard package and also includes regular sanitizer replenishment, accessory checks, pressure washing upon opening (if available), pool cover cleaning and storage, the possibility for a second visit, cleaning and general start-up extras like secondary shocking, vacuuming and filter cleaning.

Pool Maintenance Plans

All of our Maintenance plans include:

  • Elite opening package Heater start-up & Standard inspection
  • 9 to 18 weeks of weekly maintenance and vacuuming
  • All chemicals required to balance & maintain the pool
  • Weekly filter maintenance Weekly cleaning of scum line
  • A weekly report of pool readings
  • Elite closing package

The Maverick

18 Week Package

The Renegade

9 Week Package