Pool Construction & Installation

Build and install your pool with Ontario Pool Services

If you’re planning to add a pool to your home, rental facility, or commercial building, enhance the experience by getting a custom-made pool from Ontario Pool Services.

Our team of experienced professionals offers fiberglass and vinyl liners for pool construction and installation, and can further customize your backyard with natural materials found in our concrete pool builds.

Fit with personalized features, our pools can add a touch of luxury to your home or business.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass is among the best materials available for pool construction. Due to its non-porous surface, your pool will resist the growth of algae, meaning you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep it clean and sparkling.

This material acts as a natural insulator, so you’ll also reduce the use of equipment like filters and heaters. Further, Fiberglass is a highly durable material, ensuring your pool will last for years and require minimal maintenance.

Over the years, Fiberglass pool manufacturing and distribution has developed many key features, allowing for stronger pools and faster installation time.

Fiberglass is a popular choice for many, offering features that pool owners love, such as tanning ledges, benches, and built-in spas.

Our team has many years of installation knowledge and hands-on experience with fiberglass pools, so let us help you design your backyard and install your dream pool!

Concrete Pools

Concrete is an excellent choice for a custom pool. Unlike most materials, there is virtually no limit when it comes to pool size, granting you the freedom to select the size and shape you desire.

This material is also adaptable to most climates, making it an ideal choice for the fluctuating weather of Ontario. Also, concrete pools maintain their value and add to the value of your home.

With the ability to make future colour changes and plastering, concrete pools allow customization on another level.

Vinyl Pool Kits

Vinyl pools are very popular, as they keep up with the latest advances in backyard fun, from tanning ledges to plunge pools. Available in self-install kits, they also offer many styles and shapes with moderate installation time.

Vinyl pools and liners have a soft, smooth texture that feels nice on the feet while swimming, and there are many different pool shapes and features you can choose from.

Let our experienced team build your family the pool of your dreams - the options are endless!

Pool Liners

Pool liners go a step further in solidifying the aesthetic appearance of your pool, as they can be available in a variety of patterns and colours.

Not only do pool liners look beautiful, but they also hold the water in your pool and are an essential feature.

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Safety Covers & Automatic / Drown-Proof Covering Systems

While having an outdoor pool in your backyard, you also want to ensure the area remains safe for your children or pets. By installing one of our safety covering systems in your pool, you can prevent the danger of potential slips, falls, and drownings.

Not only does installing a pool cover enhance safety, but it also saves water by preventing evaporation from direct sunlight. Further, keeping your pool covered will prevent the onset of dust, leaves, and other debris, reducing your maintenance costs in the long run.

Three main ways to protect your Pool

  • Safety Cover
  • Automatic Pool Cover
  • Safety Fence

Safety covers are measured by our techs and custom-made for each pool. Our team takes into consideration the deck profile and any obstructions, such as waterfalls or unique landscaping situations, that will require longer insert or cabling anchors.

Automatic covers allow for complete safety and easy access with an electronic code system, ensuring children can not access pools without adult supervision. Most automatic pool covers are installed during the pool building process. However, some models can have their cover installed after the pool is built.

Safety fences have become a popular option for many as they can be installed in much the same way as a safety cover, adding an easy access gate which keeps the pool safe and secure.

Water Features

At Ontario Pool Services, we offer a few options for making your construction and installation more fun and personalized, including a list of water features for your pool.

Our water features include deck jets, sheer descent walls, lights, waterfalls and fire bowls. You can include any or all of these add-ons in your installation request.

Swimming Pool & Spa Removal

If you need your current pool removed from your property, we also provide pool and spa removal - no reason needed!

We have years of experience in swimming pool construction and deconstruction, and understand the permit process and necessary steps in pool demolition.

If you wish to enlist our services, our team is fully trained and certified in accordance with the Ontario pool and spa removal regulations.

Each pool is unique and requires careful consideration, from removing the coping to backfilling and making holes in the floor, allowing for normal ground drainage.

Send our team the approximate size/type of your pool and pictures of your pool and backyard with your township/municipality (address) for a free pool removal estimate.

Backyard access is important, please send our staff the approximate size, Gates doors or if necessary fences to be removed to allow access.

Elevate your pool experience.

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