Want a custom pool?
Request a design from us!

In addition to building and installing pools, our team at Ontario Pool Services also offers a range of designs for the look and layout of your new pool.

Our experienced team understands that the look and feel of your pool is just as important as its function, and are happy to provide a design that feels like you!

2D & 3D Pool Design Renderings

We want to give our customers every reason to be excited about their new custom pool, including giving them an idea of how their pool will look in their yard or building.

For this reason, we provide realistic 2D and 3D renderings of our pool designs, including the background of your pool room or outdoor property.

By having a chance to visualize your upcoming pool, this will not only give you something to look forward to, but also further establish your confidence in our ability to provide only the best quality pool designs and installations in the GTA.

Strategic & Permit-conscious Planning

Our goal at Ontario Pool Services is to guarantee the success of every pool we design and sell to our customers. Therefore, much strategic planning goes into the design of each pool we build and install.

We ensure each component and feature of your pool will fit into the allotted space of your yard or building*, and that they are in line with Ontario’s local guidelines and rules for pool installation.

Our skilled team has also obtained the necessary permits to produce these designs, ensuring each feature is functional and safe for your personal use.

Elevate your pool experience.

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